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News Letter - March 2023


Diamond Hills Homeowners’ Association 

Little South Fork Water Company 

March 28, 2023 


Mark your calendars! The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2023 from 10:00 a.m.  to noon at the WCF Office Building, 100 West Towne Ridge Parkway, Sandy, UT. A meeting packet will be  mailed out to members/owners around the middle of April. 

The Associations would like to thank Ray Pickup for arranging the use of the WCF Building rooms  for our meeting space. 


Association dues are assessed annually and are payable by April 30th. Invoices will be sent  electronically to all owners/members for which email addresses have been provided and by USPS mail to  others. Late fees apply for balances still outstanding as of May 31st.  

Diamond Hills HOA 2023-year dues are $1,080.00 (cabin) and $540.00 (vacant lot). Little South  Fork Water Co 2023-year dues rates $900.00 for all property owners. Payment can be made online by  entering bank routing number and account number via the online link in your emailed invoice. To pay by  credit or debit card, contact Jared at Effective March, 2023, credit/debit  card payments will be assessed a fee of 3% to offset processing costs incurred by the Associations. 


This winter season, our subdivisions and other areas throughout the state have experienced the  heaviest snowfall in decades. The Association extends a hearty thanks to Mike Quaranto for his great work  in keeping the roads plowed and maintained. The new tractor, purchased in May, 2022 has made it  possible for Mike to keep up with the many snowstorms, much better than the old tractor! 

Please note that any debris (rocks, tree branches, wood, trash and liter, etc.) on our subdivision  roads could cause damage to the tractor to be a hazard to drivers and their vehicles. If you notice anything  of concern, please notify Mike at 435-602-9395 or, if possible, move it out of the way.  

As always, remember to follow the Winter Rules and Safety Reminders that have been provided  to you in past Association newsletters and annual meeting packets.  


With the heavy snowfall this winter season, Spring runoff may result in flooding that could cause  damage to cabin properties or may affect subdivision roads and bridges. The Board is currently working  with Paul Weller to develop a plan to protect common areas from damage, which will include an evaluation  of Little South Fork Creek and the Provo River by the main gate and possibly clearing the channels to  minimize debris buildup. Our subdivision areas, as privately-owned property, will have limited  state/county on-site assistance for flood mitigation, so we are mostly “on our own”. Our Diamond Bar X  neighbor, Tom Clyde, is especially concerned about protecting the bridges and has reached out to Wasatch  & Summit County Emergency Services, UDOT, Provo River Water Users and neighboring subdivisions for  possible guidance and assistance to prepare in advance for a “worst case” scenario and develop an  emergency notification system if damage to the bridges causes accessibility issues.

Most property owners are unlikely to be affected by the heavy runoff; however, those owners  who have cabins near the creeks or the Provo River may suffer damage. Each owner should assess the  potential flooding risks to their property and take appropriate action. Flood insurance may be worth  considering; however, most policies involve a “waiting period” of at least 15-30 days. 

As noted in local news reports, free sandbagging stations have been set up by Wasatch and  Summit Counties or local communities (Kamas/Oakley), which will provide empty bags for the public to  fill on a “bring your own shovel” basis. 

If enough property owners express an interest, the Association could order sandbags for delivery  to the parking lot area, with the cost borne by and invoiced to individual owners on a pre-order, pre-pay  basis. The cost would approximate $6.50 per sandbag and the minimum total order is 900 sandbags.  Pease contact Jared Smart at 801-712-8404 or IMMEDIATELY (by April 7th)  if you are interested in participating in the Association providing sandbags for your property, with cost  borne by and prepaid by you.  

Information about flooding concerns can be found in online news articles and news reports. Flood  maps and other limited info is also available on the Wasatch County or Summit County Emergency  Management sites.  


Phase 1 of the bridge update (design and engineering, widening, supports/railings) was completed  in 2022. Phase 2 (additional supports/concrete abutments) is expected to done in August, 2023. 


The Association has engaged a water rights attorney at Parr Brown Gee & Loveless to assist with timely filing (by May 16, 2023) of our Little South Fork Water Company water rights claims, pursuant to  the adjudication of the Upper Provo River Subdivision.  

As was explained in the mailout from Bonneville Realty Management (DHHOA/LSFWC property  manager) in January 2023, you do not need to do anything in response to the State’s “Notice to File Claims”  communications UNLESS you are the owner of a separate water right in the area. 

All property owners in the Upper Provo River area were sent notices from the Department of  Natural Resources, whether or not the State has a record of a water rights ownership for the owner. The  due date for filing claims is 90 days from the date of the State’s mailed notice.  

Ownership of a water share certificate in Little South Fork Water Company is not the same as  ownership of a water right. A water right is generally associated with the use of water from a well, spring  or stream but does not include a water service connection to a local municipality. 

To check to see if there is a water right listed in your name or in the name of an entity you own or  control (for which you would need to file a water user’s claim), a list is available at:  htps:// As an alternatve, a search by owner name can be done on the State’s website in the WRINDEX  database at: htps://

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